Rugar 1

Pallets and packaging wood

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Wood pallets and packaging wood

Rugar,1,s.a.,is an enterprise dedicated to sawn wood and the manufacturing of pallets from 1970.

We are able to make any kind of pallets,attending our customers delivery terms


We provide equipped facilities on 16500m2 area,of which 3500 are built.


We offer full solution to packiging and pallets troubles ,type of format and materials.


Our company generales 80% of energy that we consume
Consumed energy 80%
We use renewable energy and counting on photovoltaic installation
We are committed to the enviroment 100%
At about 85% of our labor staff has more than 15 years as career path.
Workers more committed to the enviroment 85%
Output volume 1500 items on each work Shift
Latest technology on manufacturing and production tracing